Drivers for Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio

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Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio Driver

The audio contextual cues can be based on an analysis of a document prior to a The text-to-speech analyzer can analyze a document and output a USA1 (en) *, , , Lyons Kenton M, Methods USA (en), , , Gateway , Inc. Lighting. ecc0, Echo Digital Audio Corporation. ec80, Belkin Corporation , SigmaTel .. f, M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers Ltd b, TERRATEC Electronic GmbH Ltd]. b, Gateway, Inc. formerly Gateway / acquired by Acer Inc. {0x, "M Reality", "Media Reality Technology"},. {0x {0x, 0x, "SpiderwareSG", "SIGTRAN Signalling Gateway Blade"},. {0x .. {0x12D1, 0x, "MSM", "Huawei Eu-3 3G modem"},. {0x12D1 {0x15DD, 0x, "", "SIGMATEL STAC 92XX C-Major HD Audio"}.

Drivers Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio

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Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio Driver

Moreover, with the friendly windows, data required for the display can be selected from information that is stored in a bulk memory representing an image of the recording cover.

Corresponding music recordings are stored in the bulk memory of the reproduction system, and each zone of a window is associated with at least one address for accessing the information of the databases via a touch-screen interface. The selection of a title can then be made by lightly touching one of the titles on the list, and playback is accomplished by lightly touching an alphanumeric tile. The selection criterion Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio be activated when the user touches Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio screen.

The selection criterion consists of data ranges such as recent decades, music category, song index, etc. The system includes bulk storage for, among other things, storing visual and sound recordings in compressed digital form. The system interfaces with a digital display and digital sound reproduction structure, whereby a video monitor is connected to a touch screen which, in turn, is connected to an interface program to react to a user touching the touch screen.

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These contacts are translated for the operating system as mouse events which, via a library of integrated tools and services, initiates the modification of the running of one of the interface program modules. Each display zone of the video monitor, associated with the touch screen, is associated with a criterion for Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio the database of the visual or audio representation data corresponding to the information displayed on the screen.

The search criterion may additionally or alternatively consist of music category, date range, etc. The display consists primarily of a video monitor 62 with a flat non-interlaced screen, for example of the SVGA type with high resolution and low radiation. The monitor is used to reproduce images for example, the album covers of the music selectionsgraphics, or video clips.

A bulk memory [] 21 uses high-speed, high-capacity hard disks and is connected to the memory already present in the microprocessor device. The bulk memory stores digitized and compressed audiovisual information. A high-speed telecommunications modem [] 41with a speed of at least In order to reproduce the sound information of the musical selections, the system includes speakers [] 54 that receive the signal from a tuner amplifier 53which is connected to a music synthesizer electronic circuit 5.

Likewise, the circuit for controlling the display [] 6 also contains two buffer memories 66, 67 Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio the purpose explained above.

A ventilated, heat-regulated watt power supply supplies power to the system. This power supply is protected against overvoltages and overdriving.

This screen serves Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio an interface for selection information used by the customers via the video monitor 62 or a TV monitor 61as well as control information and management oversight information used by the manager or owner of the system. It is also used for purposes of maintenance in combination with an external keyboard 34 that is connected to the system, which for this purpose has a keyboard connector controlled by a key lock 32 through the interface circuit 3.

The interface circuit [] 3 also interfaces with the system via a remote-controlled assembly 31 which consists of, for example: Any other device that makes it possible to receive payment using coins, tickets, tokens, magnetic cards, smart cards, or a Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio of means of payment can also be used. To accommodate the system, there is also a chassis or steel frame with personalizable external fittings.

Likewise, the remote-control system 31 allows the manager, for example from behind the bar, to access and monitor various controls such as: Likewise, two buffers 66, 67 are associated with the video controller circuit 6 and are able, each by itself and alternatively, to store at least a tenth of a second of images. Finally, a respective buffer 46, 36, 26 Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio connected to each of the communication controller circuit 4the input interface circuit 3and the storage circuit 2.

The software for operating the system was developed around a library of tools and services that Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio largely oriented toward the audiovisual domain in a multi-media environment.

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This library will advantageously include a multi-task operating system that makes Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio possible to execute multiple fragments of code simultaneously and efficiently. This operating software thus makes it possible to concurrently execute, in an orderly manner and avoiding any conflict, operations that are carried out on the display and the sound reproduction structure, as well as to manage the telecommunications links via the distribution network. Moreover, this software is highly flexible.

The external events come from the user and are processed via the touch-screen interface so that they can be interpreted by the operating system as the equivalent of a mouse event.

Thus, touching a zone is recognized by the touch-screen interface as a push event downthe moving of the finger on the screen as a drag event dragand the removal of the finger from the screen as the release of a button Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio. Each event that is interpreted by the associated touch-screen interface is then delivered to the corresponding module in order to trigger either a modification of a running program by calling, for example, another graphic module, or a modification of the physical parameters Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio the machine by causing these parameters to be stored and ensuring later use by the electronics associated with this parameter.

Drivers for Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio

The digitized and compressed audiovisual data Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio stored in the bulk memory [] Each selection is available in two digitized formats with hi-fi or CD quality. Consequently, the flow diagram indicates specific operations that a module is supposed to carry out and not a branch to this module that would invalidate all of the operations executed by the other modules.

This module provides only a single service, and therefore it is loaded automatically as soon as the system is powered up. In this mode, the system is ready to handle any request that can be triggered by various predefined events, such as for example: A second window [] 82which is smaller and Gateway M-153 Sigmatel Audio contained in the first window 80makes it possible to graphically display the cover of the disk being played.

In an alphanumeric tile 83the title of the album currently being played is displayed, and in a second alphanumeric tile 84the name of the album is displayed.

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A third alphanumeric tile 85 indicates the name of the artist or the group. This information comes from the database 16 based on the identification number of the title and on information that is stored in the database according to the access procedures as indicated in FIG.

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