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Exabyte EZ17-A Library Driver

CAUTION. The Magnum 1x7 LTO Autoloader by Exabyte® Corporation is warranted to be free EZ17 autoloader, or the Exabyte library. Exabyte GB/1 05TB EZ17 MAMMOTH-2 Tape Library SCSI 90 DAY WARRANTY. SmartClean, EZ17 and NetStorM are trademarks; People Working for You and The Exabyte® M and A Libraries are warranted to be free from defects.

Exabyte EZ17-A Library Driver PC

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Exabyte EZ17-A Library Driver

Bugs and Limitations You may need to do a 'mt offline' Exabyte EZ17-A Library the tape drive to eject the tape before you can issue the 'mtx unload' command. The Exabyte EZ and in particular will happily sit there snapping the robot arm's claws around thin air trying to grab a tape that's not there.

If you try to unload a tape to its 'source' slot, and said slot is full, it will instead put the tape into the first empty slot. Unfortunately the list of empty Exabyte EZ17-A Library is not updated between commands on the command line, so if you try Exabyte EZ17-A Library unload another drive to a full 'source' slot during the same invocation of 'mtx', it will try to unload to the same no longer empty slot and will urp with a SCSI error.

Exabyte EZ17-A Library Driver for PC

Some operating systems may not be able to handle this. Versions of Linux earlier than 2.

Storage Devices

The eepos command remains in effect for all further commands on a command line. Thus you might want to follow eepos 1 transfer 32 32 with eepos 0 as the next command which clears the eepos bits.

Need a better name for 'eepos' command! This program has only been tested on Linux with a limited number of tape loaders a dual-drive Exabyte tape library, with bar-code reader and 21 slots, an Exabyte EZ 7-slot autoloader, and a Seagate DDS-4 autochanger with Exabyte EZ17-A Library slots.

Exabyte Ezlvd Autoloader Tape Drive 8mm M2 Mammoth Library eBay

It Exabyte EZ17-A Library not work on other operating systems with larger libraries, due to the big SCSI request size. Please see the projecdt page http: With GNU tar, see mtx. The 'mtx' home page is http: See Also mt 1loaderinfo 1tapeinfo 1scsitape 1scsieject Exabyte EZ17-A Library Site Search.

Options The first argument, given following -fis the SCSI generic device corresponding to your media Exabyte EZ17-A Library. The 'invert' option will invert flip the media for optical jukeboxes that allow such before inserting it into the drive or returning it to the storage slot. The 'nobarcode' option forces the loader to not request barcodes even if the loader is capable of reporting them.

  • Retrospect: Storage Devices > Exabyte EZA Autoloader
  • Mtx(1): control SCSI media changer devices - Linux man page
  • Mtx(1): control SCSI media changer devices - Linux man page
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Following these options there may follow one or more robotics control commands. Note that the 'invert' and 'noattach' options apply to ALL of robotics control commands.

Commands Report the mtx version number e. This is needed for a few libraries like the Breece Hill ones that do Exabyte EZ17-A Library automatically check the tape inventory at system startup.

Exabyte Corp Mainline Computer

For each drive, reports whether it has media loaded in it, and if so, from which storage slot the media originated. For historical reasons drives are numbered from 0 and storage slots are numbered from 1. Drive 0 is assumed if the drive number is omitted. Note that there's currently no way to say 'unload drive Exabyte EZ17-A Library media to the slot it came from', other than to explicitly use that slot number as the destination.

Unloads Exabyte EZ17-A Library drive if there is already media in it note: Note that this command may not be what you want on large tape libraries -- e.

Exabyte EZ17-A Library Driver Windows XP

Unloads the drive if there is already a tape in it. If the drive was empty, loads the first tape into the drive.

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